Working with buyers for 15 years, I frequently get asked, “How much do you think the seller will accept?”

There are several variables that typically factor into an offer.

  • How long has the house been on the market?
  • What is the condition?
  • What have comparable homes in the area sold for?

Once you have determined these answers you can create a competitive and fair offer.

Although this may seem like a somewhat simplified answer, the existing real estate market steers real estate sales and purchases.

The first two questions are relatively easy to answer on your own. And, with more information available online, a buyer can take a shot at trying to answer question #3. But realistically, working with a Realtor who will provide a professional market evaluation is the most accurate. The compiled results include thorough data on comparable homes on the market and those recently sold, along with market knowledge and experience.

I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you to learn about your specific needs. You have my assurance that I will never pressure you when we engage in a discovery conversation about your home needs and market availability in our area.

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